About Us


The Pelagios Network is a long-running initiative that links information online through common references to places. To create and maintain these connections, Pelagios has developed:

How does it work?

The Pelagios Network is governed by a Committee that meets (virtually) each month. The Committee is comprised of 12 Activity Leads (2 for each Activity), plus one Representative for each Partner. Activity Leads report on the work of an Activity twice each year and can vote on any matter. Representatives are able to vote on matters relating the Activities the Partner contributes to. The coordination of the Committee is managed by three officers: a Chair, a General Secretary and a Partnership Secretary. The current office holders are:

Chair: Valeria Vitale
General Secretary: Elton Barker
Partnership Secretary: Rebecca Kahn

In order to sustain and further develop work in this area, the Pelagios Network focuses on six core Activities, which are:

How can I get involved?

Pelagios is a formal Network of equal and independent Partners who coordinate their work together, and a wider community of Members who have an interest in the Network’s outputs. Overall coordination of the Network is handled by the officers of the Network. Partners may nominate Representatives who can then have a say in the coordination of an Activity, and can become an Activity Coordinator.