Lightweight digital mapping tools and methods

By Daniel Pett, Elton Barker, Maria Aristedou

On Tuesday June 11, 2024, Historic England, The Open University, and The Pelagios Network will be hosting a workshop on digital tools, methods and infrastructure in academia, cultural heritage, and the creative industries. Our focus will be on lightweight tools that anybody can use to enrich place data, make maps, and link information to shed new light on texts, objects, and databases.

In particular, we will be showcasing tools that are community maintained and supported. This will include the launch of new modular Recogito annotation tool, a hands-on tutorial on using Peripleo to build your own maps of things related to place, and a demonstration of Historic England’s implementation of Arches. In addition to exploring real-life use cases in the wild, the workshop will encourage discussion of issues relating to public engagement and citizen science; interoperability and infrastructure; and community development and sustainability.

A full agenda will be made available shortly and the event will be hybrid with in-place attendance limit of 30 people and remote participation via Teams.

Do, therefore, let us know ASAP if you are able to attend in person.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Venue map